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Gadget Free Homemade Yoghurt

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I've been hankering after a yoghurt machine for yonks but having stumbled across a blog post showing just how easy it is to make yoghurt at home, I've set too and filled my fridge with gallons of the stuff, and I haven't needed to purchase a single gadget for the job. All I used was [...]

Diet fermented gluten free ketogenic paleo recipe

Chocolate Cashew Fat Bomb Recipe

Chocolate Cashew Fat Bomb Recipe Thumbnail

I discovered the concept of fat bomb treats while I was following a ketogenic diet. They are a great source of healthy fats and an ideal treat for anyone who has weaned themselves off processed and overly sweet snacks. They are now a regular feature of my paleo diet. I add the raisins for an [...]

Diet gluten free paleo recipe