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Butter Coffee for Enhanced Fat Loss

How to make Butter Coffee

Butter coffee could well become the next big health craze for 2014, it hasn’t reached the likes of Starbucks and Costa but some small, organic coffee shops have started to offer pats of butter with their cups of black Americano and the drink is becoming increasingly popular with fans of the Paleo diet.

Buttery drinks may sound unappealing but they are not a new concept. Tibetans have been warming their cockles with cups of salted, Yak butter tea for years and fuelling a day of hard, high altitude labour. There are recipes available for westernised Tibetan butter tea that substitute Yak butter for a more readily available variety but if you prefer the java brew you may need to read on.

Butter coffee is said to boost energy levels and also promote weight loss. The latest craze is likely to have started with Dave Asprey, the creator of a specific brand of butter coffee known as Bulletproof Coffee. This consists of high quality coffee beans that are ground and blended with grass fed butter and MCT oil (coconut and palm oil) to produce a really creamy concoction.

I’d like to try real Bulletproof coffee but it is very expensive and quite hard to get hold of in the UK so I am making my own version with Grumpy Mule coffee beans, 60% grass-fed unsalted butter and a tiny bit of coconut oil.

How do you make energy enhancing Butter Coffee

  • Make a half mug of high quality coffee using the Aerobie AeroPress Coffee Maker – you can top up later but you don’t want to create a vortex that sends coffee flying everywhere
  • Add approx 1tbsp of the best quality unsalted butter you can find – I use Yeo organic or Rachel’s organic which I believe are both comprised 60% grass fed butter. Kerrygold is 100% grassfed but I have only been able to source the salted variety.
  • Add 1 teaspoon of coconut oil for the addition of extra good fats.
  • Whizz well with a coffee frother and then top up with hot water

Here’s a video to show the full process in action:

It’s worth reviewing Dave Asprey’s post which outlines his view of the common mistakes people make when substituting a fake butter coffee for Bulletproof coffee and then you can decide for yourself whether you want the real macoy or a homegrown version of butter coffee. He explains in that post why his particular coffee is superior to the standard fare. It’s pretty convincing – nobody wants to be drinking mouldy beans but do all other brands of coffee beans really suffer from this problem?

The positive benefits of butter coffee

Butter coffee is said improve energy levels – coffee has always provided an energy boost, with mental and physical performance enhancing qualities but the addition of healthy fats makes this a sustained energy reward. Dave Asprey claims to get 5-6 hours of steady energy release without the need to eat anything else in that time. I’m afraid I haven’t found it to be quite that effective but then I don’t use any where near as much butter in my brew as he does in Bulletproof Coffee.

The other major claim with butter coffee is its role in increasing fat loss. It may seem counterintuitive to add fat to a drink in order to enhance weightloss but that’s partly because we have been encouraged to view saturated fat as a health pariah. It’s a long held fallacy that eating fat makes you fat. It’s just not true – if you want to read up on it I recommend Fat Chance by Robert Lustig. The world is slowly coming to the conclusion that the real health criminal was sugar all along. Reducing refined carbohydrates, avoiding low fat “fake” foods and replacing with vegetables, proteins and high quality fats has proved to be the path to good health for many.

I’ve been drinking this butter coffee recipe for a few weeks, using it as a breakfast replacement. It is surprisingly tasty. I switched to black, unsweetened coffee around 3 months ago and so it is quite a treat to once again enjoy a creamy cuppa without all the negative side affects of sweet, milky drinks. I’ll report back in a few months when I’ve decided if its helped with my fat loss strategy.

Can I tempt you to add a lump of butter to your morning coffee?

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